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FAQ's- Common Questions I Get Asked

Do I own the copyright to the images?

Nope! What you are purchasing is the usage rights to the images, which means you can use them for the sale of the property, plus your personal advertising and branding. Social media is of course, fine, and encouraged!


Can you fly the drone in the rain?

Nope! It is a delicate, electronic device with a camera. Needless to say, they don't like water!

Do you clean while on a shoot?

Nope! I shoot the property as-is. It's up to the homeowner and agent to make sure the property is ready before I show up.


Can you read my mind?

Nope! If there is a particular shot or view that you need me to take, I need to know ahead of time. There will be an extra charge if I have to go back and take extra images that I didn't know that needed done.

Can you do a headshot of me while you are shooting a property?

Yep! I just need to know ahead of time so I can bring the right equipment. Plus, there will be an extra charge. Here is more information about my headshot business:

Boise Headshot Photography

Will you travel around the area for a shoot?

Yep! I'll go pretty much go everywhere, but there will be a travel charge.

Do you charge extra for a weekend shoot?

Generally, no. Saturdays aren't a problem, but I do on Sundays. I keep those reserved for time with my wife- working in our gardens, kayaking, hiking, biking, etc.

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